VibroCool™ for therapists, gyms and sports

For physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and manual therapists VibroCool™ is a much-needed addition to handling and treatment techniques. Existing techniques such as exercises and manipulations do not always give the desired result because toxic metabolites can activate sensory nerve endings and are often the main cause of the pain. These metabolites should therefore be removed. Now this goal can be effectively, painlessly and quickly achieved through the use of VibroCool™. Patients who underwent a VibroCool™ therapy session experienced an immediate strong reduction in pain sensation and had markedly increased mobility. VibroCool™ also improves the blood circulation allowing the body to remove efficiently toxic metabolites. Thus, your patient can undertake a painless treatment with practical exercises to regain pain-free movement. Attention to nutrition, with a reduced intake of sugars advised, is a useful adjuvant to VibroCool™ therapy.

For athletes, the VibroCool™ is enormously convenient. Excessive exercise during sports can produce acidification, manifested as a painful burning sensation in skeletal muscles. Acidification occurs due to an increased concentration of hydrogen ions and lactic acid, metabolites released when the body ‘burns’ carbohydrates. An excellent method to combat the effects of acidification is to use VibroCool™. The cold and the high frequency shaking water system directly improves the circulation and oxygen levels thus reducing acidification and therefore causing the pain to be greatly lessened. A VibroCool™ for gyms or sports clubs, used under professional guidance is a welcome addition to maintain the level of performance of athletes.

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Benefits of VibroCool™

  • The therapy only takes a few minutes
  • VibroCool™ produces a strong reduction in pain and itching
  • Symptoms relief after one treatment are immediately noticeable
  • Treatments and manipulations can be performed more easily and with less pain
  • Operation of VibroCool™ is simple, ergonomic and can be performed by patients
  • The therapy gives a boost to the immune system, organ functions and cell renewal
  • Toxic metabolites are quickly and painlessly removed from the vicinity of sensory nerve endings
  • Taking the pH value after one minute of therapy has show that on average there is a reduction of about 10% in the hostile acidic environment to more neutral values
  • Proprioception improves meaning better balance
  • Fully automatic computer controlled
  • In contrast to the use of analgesics or anti-inflammatory drugs, the body is not burdened with chemicals
  • After a longer treatment of 2-5 minutes, the values of the blood flow, oxygen content and pH values are proportionally increased to the benefit of the patient.
  • Blood flow improves after just one minute of treatment, on average by 50%
  • The oxygen content in the blood after just one minute of treatment increases on average by 30%
  • Results are even better if the patient follows the right diet and treatment advice, with patients experiencing post-treatment, immediate pain reduction, more freedom of movement and less swelling
  • User friendly